Oblivion Daedric Weapons - Minecraft Cracked Launcher Team Extreme 1.7.10
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DanTDM 18,071,139 views 4:46 How To Play Minecraft 1.8.8 For Free On PC! - Duration: 3:08 Share the love with your friends :Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Like this:Like LoadingKibitz and The Captain 10,663,746 views 10:15 Minecraft: 10 Ways to Make Traps - Duration: 24:33Farmer (Brown robe): Farmer, Fisherman, Shepherd and Fletcher / Librarian (White robe): Librarian / Priest (Purple robe): Cleric / Blacksmith (Black apron): Armorer, Weapon Smith and Tool Smith / Butcher (White apron): Butcher, Leather workerNoAI Entities without AI will not attack players, move or rotate on their own, and do not despawnCan be spawned using dispensers, which places the final block in the appropriate placeSheeps Drop mutton when killed1.8 From Minecraft Wiki Jump to: navigation, search 1.8 Official name Bountiful Update Type Release Release date September 2, 2014[1] Development versions View all Snapshots 14w02a 14w02b 14w02c 14w03a 14w03b 14w04a 14w04b 14w05a 14w05b 14w06a 14w06b 14w07a 14w08a 14w10a 14w10b 14w10c 14w11a 14w11b 14w17a 14w18a 14w18b 14w19a 14w20a 14w20b 14w21a 14w21b 14w25a 14w25b 14w26a 14w26b 14w26c 14w27a 14w27b 14w28a 14w28b 14w29a 14w29b 14w30a 14w30b 14w30c 14w31a 14w32a 14w32b 14w32c 14w32d 14w33a 14w33b 14w33c 14w34a 14w34b 14w34c 14w34d Pre-releases 1.8-pre1 1.8-pre2 1.8-pre3 Download Client (.json) Server Other editions of 1.8 Computer Beta 1.7.2 1.7.10 1.8.1 1.9 This article is about the computer editionExamples: Setting the bit field to 3 would hide both ench and AttributeModifiers tags, and setting it to 63 would hide every tag

Example: / kill e[type=!Player]Debug mode world type Useful for resource pack makersNow displays render distance, sections being rendered currently, sections being updated currently, an aB value for unknown reasons, version id, whether the client is modded, keywords for when Clouds/VBOs/VSync are enabled, the display resolution and vendor, the graphics card model and vendor and the local OpenGL and Java versionsExample: / say e[r=500] Lists all the entities in the world within a 500 block radiusVideo settings Alternative Block toggleNon-mob entities[edit edit source] Armor stands Crafted using a stone slab and 6 sticksChanged the particle effect when landing on a block

Door item textures were given more detail, to be consistent with the item textures of the new doorsClose Update Your Review Since you've already submitted a review for this product, this submission will be added as an update to your original reviewYou can change this preference belowMain Noise Scale X/Y/Z to smooth out terrain, larger values for smoother terrain; Biome scale/depth weight and Biome scale/depth offset to stretch/squash terrain vertically based on the biomes default height settings; Upper/lower limit scale to make terrain more solid/riddled with holes, depending on how close the values are to each other; Height Stretch to pull terrain upward, with smaller values causing more extreme stretching; Height scale, Coordinate scale, Depth base size, Depth noise exponent and Depth noise scalePockets don't reduce ore frequency, since ores can generate inside these pocketsCommands / kill Removed "Ouch! That looked like it hurt" messageFixes[edit edit source] 496 issues fixed From released versions before 1.8 MC-19 Having FOV over 100 and sleeping in bed will cause you to look inside your head MC-71 Mobs don't spawn next to water streams if the x and z coordinates are negative MC-78 Villagers crowd into a single building MC-92 Slab & stairs lighting incorrect MC-99 Skins sometimes disappear after death MC-107 Potion of night vision: total blackout MC-129 Chunks not loading surface, revealing caves, etc MC-208 Paintings & item frames can overlap / z-fighting when overlapping MC-229 The fullscreen/windowed mode toggle status is inconsistent when using hotkeys MC-268 "Jump Boost" does not reduce fall damage MC-272 Inventory remains pushed over once effect has worn off MC-393 Starvation prevents sleeping in bed on peaceful MC-404 Viewing a map while invisible still shows both hands holding it MC-455 Standing on exact x = 0, z = 0 coordinates prevents breaking / placing blocks to the northwest MC-486 Zombies and skeletons don't burn on slabs MC-506 You can make smooth sandstone into smooth sandstone MC-586 Beacon light does not travel through water MC-665 Minecarts and TNT are not moved by water currents MC-676 Signs and chests do not display cracking animation MC-816 'Drowning' meter doesn't reset when there's a block overhead, in running water MC-888 / difficulty command doesn't change the default difficulty in the options menu (singleplayer) MC-1146 Piston on same level as bedrock MC-1178 Invalid biome ID in Superflat crashes Minecraft MC-1253 Ladder, sign, fence, gate, trapdoor causes block it is placed in to darken MC-1298 Slightly damaged and very damaged anvils lose broken texture when falling MC-1305 Iron bar hit-boxes misaligned MC-1406 Server and client can disagree on block placement range MC-1428 Arrows bouncing off mobs MC-1458 Zombie / Skeleton chestplate not displaying the sleeves of the chestplate properly MC-1489 In certain directions, exiting a cart/horse/pig/bed next to a fence leaves the player on the wrong side of the fence MC-1499 Can see the water lighter in a certain position MC-1532 TNT flashing graphic when lit looks cut up and faded / z-fighting MC-1580 Ghost items from trading with Shift-click MC-1677 Retracting piston shows ghost hitbox of technical block MC-1769 X-Ray by standing inside TNT / glowstone / block of redstone / leaves (fast) MC-1818 SkullOwner is lost when "picking" the skull in creative MC-1831 Incorrect fire charge noise MC-1893 If you sneak, buckets will place water/lava/lily pads at the position you would point at if you weren't sneaking MC-1918 When activated TNT falls into an endportal, the TNT will be in the ground in the end MC-2053 Inconsistent door texture MC-2071 Pausing the game or opening any GUI in a nether portal does not work MC-2117 Beacon beam not viewable on low render distance MC-2292 OS X: Ctrl modifier key instead of Cmd MC-2335 Walking from blocks higher than 0.5 and lower than 1.0 into 2 high gates is VERY inconsistent MC-2344 Skeletons don't pick up enchanted bow MC-2346 Hitbox of anvil not proportional MC-2367 Players can place and remove arbitrary blocks in Adventure mode, breaking pre-1.4.2 maps MC-2487 Lighting cocoa glowing when hit MC-2559 Squids taking damage while in water MC-2713 Occasionally you can't hit entities with anything MC-2789 Unbreakable blocks in adventure mode: hay block, TNT, Silverfish, piston, cactus, bed, fire, sponge MC-2911 / gamerule commands allow parameters other than true/false MC-2930 Heart bar doesn't show how much damage is dealt to the player MC-2947 Ghasts and witches do not aim properly MC-2990 Heads, beds, and doors can't be placed where there is thin snow MC-3066 Adventure Mode breaking transparent blocks MC-3084 Models improperly shaded at certain angles MC-3100 Stone stairs are named incorrectly, they should be called cobblestone stairs MC-3151 New mob AI doesn't take world limit/Void into account for pathing MC-3230 Black squares on 3rd person view MC-3337 Cannot walk through 2 high hole with chest / soul sand / portal frames in floor MC-3444 The / give command will stack any item MC-3450 While lying in bed nearby mobs will look above the player MC-3493 Item frames "jumping" MC-3583 java.lang.NullPointerException: Exception ticking world (at ml.c(SourceFile:199)) (Corrupted Nether chunks) MC-3599 Sleeping in beds above layer 128 in multiplayer causes the player to fall into the void (visually only) MC-3631 Creepers float one-eighth of a block above the ground MC-3664 Golden carrot Creative misplacement MC-3668 When going through nether portals with (potion) effects, the effect animations (particles, fire, visibility, additional hearts) are lost MC-3716 Ender Pearls and Beds MC-3718 Textures and Effects are off when far away from the center of the map MC-3781 Creepers make no attempt to get as close as possible to the Player to explode MC-3808 Power components (buttons, pressure plates, detector rails, etc) sometimes output too short pulse MC-3818 Playing stacked music discs in jukebox will duplicate them MC-3884 No splash sound when items dropped in water MC-3995 Sponges won't absorb water MC-4008 Pick block item duplication MC-4077 Player hitboxes in debug mode are rendered too high MC-4222 While under the effect of a night vision potion, enemies no longer flash red upon taking damage MC-4239 Redstone and string in a cobble generator turn into obsidian MC-4329 Parts of enchanted leather armor, when held, don't shimmer MC-4402 Brewing Stand becomes bright upon punch MC-4410 Floating in 3rd person while sneaking MC-4476 Endermen don't teleport when battling other mobs up close MC-4490 Fishing rod not attached in 3rd person while crouching MC-4546 Sheep spawn eggs have wrong texture when thrown on the ground (fast graphics) MC-4660 Potions render differently in hand than in inventory/storage MC-4767 Shadow on the block above your head MC-4772 Head items not rendered properly in 3D MC-4837 Zombie/player held beacon experience z-fighting MC-4855 Mob spawners miss a row on X and Z axis for the spawn range MC-4934 Squids Make Footstep Sounds MC-5018 Wide characters (e.g 5d555b9bac
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